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confessions from the ramblings of a follower


Lately I have been really taking a look at my life and I feel the Lord has been revealing certain things about me that are some issues that need to be confessed and dealt with. I believe there is healing and freedom in confession.

Early on in my life I wasn’t happy with myself. I wasn’t happy with school and I never felt like I fit in. Towards the beginning of high school I moved to another school and I started to get involved more in church and doing ministry activities. I began to realize that I would get recognized for the works that I did in church and I began to find my identity in ministry. Ever since then I have been fascinated with ministry and I have found validation and recognition for the work I do. I have realized that this is a down fall for me. Ministry became my God for me. It began to get in the way of a real genuine relationship with the father. Over the past year since I have been away from the church I have been trying to allow my relationship grow in Christ without ministry being the push. I am trying to find my identity in Christ not ministry. The ministry left me empty, but Christ fills me.

Another thing I learned early in life was how to escape from reality. I’ve spent a good part of my life escaping from reality, especially when life is hard. You can see this in different areas of my life, whether that be; finishing college, continuing in a job that is unfulfilling, being responsible for certain areas in my life. The reality can be something big or it can be something small. I will do everything in my powers to find ways to escape from the thoughts of reality. Fear overcomes me and I want to escape from it. Most recently it has been college. I have spent most of my time focusing on what Seminary I want to go to, but the reality is, if I don’t focus on finally finishing school, I will never go to seminary. It’s like I have been stuck for 7 years in thinking about seminary and still haven’t finished college. I have a habit of escaping reality and not finishing. I am in the process of facing this fear and I constantly reminding myself to focus on the now and just focus on finishing school.

I also have come to the realization that I can be co-dependent at times. I feed off of the need to be with around a lot of people. I have always have judged myself or felt confident about myself by the people that I would hang around. I always wanted to be around popular people or be seen with popular people. Even today I sometimes feel the need to constantly be around a lot of people or constantly doing something where people are involved. For example: I like to eat at places where there are a lot of people, or people I know. A lot of times I want to choose places that are popular for that very reason. I have the need to be around people and being validated by these people.

Another thing that God has revealed to me is that I commit idolatry on a regular basses. If you know me, I can get caught up in books and the next best thing in ministry. I idolize these pastors and there idea’s and worship them as they are God, and that they are the way to true redemption. I craft my theology and ideas around them. My wife has helped me with this and she is constantly telling for me to seek Christ and asking him to reveal himself to me and his ways. This kind of goes back to the co-dependency but I really look up to these people and put them better than me, which leads me to feeling like a failure and empty.
I am feel like a lot of these issues that I struggle with come from how I feel about myself and the lack of confidence in who I am. I am always looking for the next biggest thing or biggest revelation that will change everything that will make my life feel complete, but they never come. I am seeking for something that I realize I already have. Like I said earlier I like to escape from the hardest things in life. I know that all I need to do is to seek Christ who is in me and surrender my will to him, but I am always taking the easier more traveled road.

I wrote this letter out of confession, and I end it with a prayer. My prayer in this letter is to know Christ and to take the less traveled road. To take the hard journey in to the realization of whom I am without him and understanding who he created me to be. Pray for me as I take this journey. Pray that I take the hard look at my life and allow the light of Christ and his redeeming love to enter into my life and bring wholeness to who I am. Pray that I become strengthen in the realization of who He is and what he has called me to do. Pray that I seek him and nothing else. Pray that I can be content solely in him, and not need a person, book or new idea to give me identity. Pray that I become truly his….



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Like I stated earlier in my first entry, I’m not really a writer. Writing can be very healing for me but at the same time be very frustrating. I have never been diagnosed with ADD, but I have a close friend who is a theropist, who has ADD, explain to me that I have several signs of ADD. One of the most frusting signs, is that I can have a million thoughts going through my mind at one time and I have the hardest time writing them down where they make since to the average mind. In a lot of ways my writings become ramblings rather then well crafted masterpieces. That’s really why I have decided to call this the ramblings of a follower. Many of my entries will probably be random, messy, and out of order at times, but I am hoping in the middle of all the ramblings you will find beauty. I am hoping out of all the messines and crazyiness of my life you will see the beauty of Christ who some how takes all of my ramblings and makes since of them all. That’s what Christ can do. He can take all the brokeness in this world and make it beautiful. That’s what he did with my life and he can do it with yours…

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So, why me….

I’m not really a writer. To be honest … this is my fifth attempt to actually start a blog.  I get really excited about starting one, but just like a lot of things in my life I don’t end up following through. This blog will be an attempt to finish something I decided to do a while back. In the next couple of entries I will talk about why I decided to call my blog “the ramblings of a follower” and why I decided NOW to start blogging.  For my first entry I will keep this short and to the point. If you decide to read them, I want to thank you in advance for apeasing me and hopefully you will gleam something out of my ramblings. 🙂

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